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Nichtfreund – Arc

Nichtfreund – Arc

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Cat No: SAFR 019
Release Date: May 4th, 2012
Bonus: Artwork, Music Video

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Florian Willuhn aka Nichtfreund was born in 1992 in Zwickau, Germany. His sound is influenced by a lot of emotional feelings triggered by different stories in his life. A major role for his sound plays the passionate devotion for experimental stuff. Even as a child, he was interested in music and learn to play guitar by himself. When he was fifteen, he founded a metal band with some friends. But the heavy sound did not correspond his vision of authentic music. So Nichtfreund decided to leave the band to produce electronic music. He discover a new way to make music by doing field recording. Known as INTEAM, he released his first EP in 2011.

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Nichtfreund – Arc (Official Video)


01. Gerausch
02. Steppenwolf Polarkatze
03. Arc
04. Klangbalance

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Credits → Music: Florian Willuhn | Artwork: Florian Willuhn | Mastering: Christian Kruse

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WAVE Download

All tracks as 16 Bit, 44.1 kHz wave files with artwork and music video in a zip file (275.65 MB).

MP3 Download

All tracks as 320 kBit/s mp3 files with artwork and music video in a zip file (149.30 MB).

Music Video

1080p Full HD mp4 file (H.264 (5.97 mBit/s), AAC (128 kBit/s), 25 fps).


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